Get Healthier, Give A Little Love!

Some say that “love heals all things”,  well proof supporting this belief is being confirmed more and more by science. In honor of the month of love, here are some easy ways you can love little more to positively benefit your health!

Hug & Hold Hands
Hugging, holding hands and any physical contact in a loving and nurturing way can instantly lower stress levels and improve your mood. It also does the same for the receiver. So spread some love and health and try to hug at least one person you love every day.

Kiss Cholesterol Away!
Science tells us that elevated cholesterol & stress levels are risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. Well according to Kory Floyda, a professor in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University, kissing can lower cholesterol levels as well as decrease stress and increase relationship satisfaction.

Say “I Love & Appreciate You”  for Improved Mental & Emotional Well Being.
Neuroscience research shows that the more you focus on love, gratitude and appreciation for others, the more they will feel those same emotions, writes psychologist Daniel Jay Sonkin on Expressions of love & appreciation also increases oxytocin levels in yourself and can help damaged hearts heal by reducing inflammation and cell death , In addition it lowers blood pressure, decrease stress and even boosts immunity.

So this month, kiss, hug & love a little more.  It will help you and those you love not only feel happier but be healthier too!!

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