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Every time you get a massage at Pure you’ll also receive the benefits of Far Infrared Therapy & Amethyst!  Our “healing massage tables” are layered with mats that have 6 1/2 pounds of amethyst & a temperature range 70°F to 158°F (internal not surface temperature). The same infrared rays from the sun are found in this modern technology to warm & stimulate the body from the inside out.  You’ll feel those tired muscles relax, as the dry heat warms and penetrates your skin, while emitting negative ions for increased full body health.  These mats also serve as a far infrared sauna and raise your body temperature, to help cleanse the body and increase resistance to disease by stimulating the immune system.
Synergistically, the some of the combined benefits of massage & far infrared therapy are…
* Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function      * Relieves Pain & Chronic Inflammation * Burns Calories & Controls Weight *Reduce Stress & Fatigue       *Assist in Detoxification by increasing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, stimulating the sweat glands & releasing built-up toxins.
    • Signature Massage30/60/90min $45/$70/$100
    • Benefits include relaxation & stress relief, mood enhancement, relief of minor discomforts, boosting immune, respiratory & circulatory systems. With Aromatherapy +$10
    • Deep Tissue Massage30/60/90min $50/$85/$120
    • A technique consisting of slower, stronger massage that stimulates deep into muscles loosening them, alleviating pain & increasing mobility.
    • Warm Stone Massage30/60/90min $60/$95/$130
    • Enjoy all the benefits of massage & pure organic aromatherapy fused with the sensation of smooth stones.
    • Reflexology30/60/90min $45/$70/$100
    • With over 7,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet reflexology can send a calm & intentional message to the nervous system alleviating stress , decreasing tension & pain.
    • Wullstone Far Infared Therapy (Add-On for Massage)$25
    • A deeply penetrative vibrational energy of infrared waves resonating within the cells of the body. Wull Stone delivers Far-Infrared Energy (FIR) at between 4-14, microns, 5-15 is considered the safest & most beneficial from the sun. This energy causes the molecules within our cells to resonate harmoniously, raising their energy levels, & stimulating the body’s natural healing process. through: improvement in microcirculation of blood & lymph, stimulation & support of immune system functions, relaxation of muscles, extension of soft tissues & subsequent improvement in flexibility & reduction of physical & psychological stress & fatigue.

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      • Infared Sauna30min $35
      • “One of the top high tech life extending devices” Dr. Oz. Safer & 7x’s more detoxifying than a traditional Sauna, clinically proven to reduce blood pressure, increase core temperature and aide in weight loss. Also great for: *Pain Management *Chronic Fatigue *Weight Loss *Lowered Blood Pressure & Cholesterol *Detoxification *Skin Purification *Fibromyalgia*Arthritis *Relaxation *Stress Relief
      • Bacial$90
      • A facial for the back! Your skin is then cleansed and exfoliated. A thorough analysis, extractions, massage & mask follows.
      • Sinus Soother$50
      • Tension is relieved after you experience the aromatic oils, targeted acupressure & cold stones massaged to assist in relaxing discomfort of sinus congestion.


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